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  Our Approach 

CREATIVE (UNIQUE) We’re not flashy, but we do stand out. We will always celebrate the unique love and joy of our couples. We’re creative in our approach, always putting the couples at the heart of the process, exploring how we can best capture that unique magic on their special day.

RELAXED (WELCOMING) We welcome everyone in with a warm, and easeful experience. We take an earnest interest in the couples we serve, making them feel at home through out everything we do. They should always feel like they can relax in our company.

LIGHT (JOYFUL) We believe that love and joy go hand in hand. We bring an uplifting lightness and beauty to everything we do. We’ll never be stuffy or too serious, and we’ll always have that extra spring and excitement in our step. 

GENUINE (DOWN TO EARTH) We’re down to earth and honest, and we’ll always be that way with our couples. We want them to be confident in the service we provide. We won’t over complicate things, we’ll reflect simplicity and honesty.


Have a look at some of the couples I have had the pleasure to work with. 

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